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JBLM techies at work

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JBLM techies at work

Exercises such as Talisman Sabre 15 rely heavily on the ability to communicate, both internally and with units at different locations. To accomplish this, a special group of soldiers work diligently behind the scenes to ensure the phone line has a dial tone and the computer screen always boots up. For I

Base band gets down under

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Base band gets down under

The U.S. Army has many traditions; some even date back to before the Revolutionary War. One tradition many still remember is the drummer leading soldiers into battle. Today, the I Corps Army Band does not lead soldiers into battle. Instead, they travel with soldiers to provide musical support and build morale. Recently,

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JBLM soldier reminds no one left behind includes the spouse

In the Army, each soldier has been told "no one left behind." This can be applied to every aspect of the service. One area several soldiers tend to forget about is the home front. As much as I am sent on deployments, training missions or school courses, I still struggle with

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