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No update on PCS, leave orders

Stop movement orders for PCS and leave this summer were not updated Wednesday as of press time. Speaking Tuesday during his weekly town hall address, Lt. Gen. Randy George said Forces Command had not given a final greenlight to release the current stop movement order despite saying last week he thought

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Madigan changes visitations and companion policies

Madigan released new rules on visitations to the hospital including how the companion policy will move forward.  Here is their release today: • ALL patients in the hospital, emergency room and outlying clinics/appointments may have one (1) ADULT visitor, subject to restrictions and exceptions as follows: Screening: AD: Depression is

Town Hall updates summer changes, events on base

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Town Hall updates summer changes, events on base

Services and programs across Joint Base Lewis-McChord updated the greater military community Wednesday in the age of COVID-19 and how that affects activities on base this summer. Col. Skye Duncan, garrison commander hosted the event.  Here are the updates of greatest interest. AD: Depression treatments using MRI-like technology not drugs AND covered

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PCS move dates from San Diego still unknown

There were more questions than answers to the big concerns military personnel and their families put forth during a Facebook Live event with Captain John DePree, commanding officer at Naval Base Coronado. DePree said he is waiting like everyone else to find out when gyms would open, troops can PCS,

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Washington expands religious opportunities

Gov. Jay Inslee announced today that some restrictions on religious gatherings would ease.  He said religious groups in phase one and two would see expansion of opportunities to be together. For in person services in the first phase (which includes all counties right now) outdoor religious services can be up to

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Base openings expand as cases near zero

Following on the heels of towns and cities across the United States, military troops, families and retirees in the South Sound will gain even more access to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, said Lt. Gen. Randy George, commander of I Corps and JBLM told a town hall audience via Facebook, Tuesday. "We've

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More services opening on JBLM

A fresh batch of programs and services are opening on the base, Lt. Gen Randy George, commander of Joint Base Lewis-McChord told a town hall audience via Facebook, Tuesday. The base library will open Wednesday, May 20 for curbside pick up only. Officials are still working out a system for

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D Street Gate likely to not re-open

Lt. Gen Randy George, I Corps and Joint Base Lewis-McChord commander told a town hall audience via Facebook, Tuesday that although still being discussed, it is highly unlikely that the D Street Gate will re-open in the future. The gate is on the back end of North Fort closest to Lakewood

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PCS window dates and more

A few more services will open next week for local military, Lt. Gen Randy George told a town hall audience via Facebook, Tuesday.   In addition, the windows for PCS move dates were also announced. AD: Depressed?  Looking for a natural treatment covered by Tricare.  Contact NeuroStim in Lakewood and Lacey.  Start


JBLM store openings and closings

Joint Base Lewis-McChord diners and shoppers will see a few changes in the coming weeks. An update from the Exchange Service Wednesday highlights several shifts. Here are the highlights according to the release: >> At the new PX on JBLM Main theClass Six has recently opened soon to be followed by the

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