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Dog Days of Summer

  With summer in full swing, it's hard not to want to pile the family in the car and head to the beach! But, what about your beloved Fido that also longs to play frisbee on the beach or splash in the waves? Lucky for Fido there are plenty of Washington

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Blueberry season is finally upon us

  Blueberry cobbler, blueberry pie, blueberry crisp - oh my! That's right, it's time to start baking everything blueberry, because it's officially blueberry season in Washington state. Of course before the baking can begin, the blueberries need to be picked, or picked up from a farm stand whichever you prefer. Here

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Cases accelerate on JBLM

  In July, Joint Base Lewis-McChord has recorded more cases of COVID 19 in a single month even though we are only at this month’s half point, and that spread will likely accelerate in the coming weeks, according to Lt. Col. Luke Mease from Madigan speaking Tuesday during a bi-weekly Facebook

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Explore Washington State Beaches

As the days heat up, so does the longing to pile the family in the car and head to the beach. Afterall, sandcastles don’t build themselves and kites were meant to be flown in the salty sea air, so let’s hop in the car and explore the beaches of Washington. Located

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Must Visit Wa Waterfalls

Who said you shouldn’t chase waterfalls? Washington has tons of well worth waterfalls for you to fall in love with all summer long! We begin the chase with one of Washington’s most visited and notable falls, Snoqualmie Falls.  Located 55 miles from JBLM visiting this waterfall is an easy day trip.

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Masks required on base, inside or out

  Masks are now required on Joint Base Lewis-McChord regardless if inside or outside for those that cannot maintain six feet of distance said Lt. Gen. Randy George, commander of I Corps and JBLM during a townhall meeting Tuesday. George said cases have risen on base over the past couple weeks.  He

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Explore Washington state waterways

Who said travel restriction had to prevent you from island hopping this summer?! Washington is chalked full of various different islands. And plenty of the islands are accessible via ferry, which is half the fun of the journey. Remaining in your car is highly encouraged during your travel on ferries,

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Military leave is a go ... mostly

Military leave is a go, said Lt. Gen. Randy George, commander of I Corps and Joint Base Lewis-McChord during his regular Tuesday Townhall on Facebook Live. Approval is based on the state and the county of a military member's destination.  Forty-five states plus the District of Columbia are considered "green" or

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Visit Washington State ParksĀ 

  With travel restrictions slowly lifting but not completely gone, you might be left wondering, what am I going to do within a 250 mile radius?!  We're here to tell you, there is still plenty to do, see and experience, so let's begin with state parks! Washington has an abundance of

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JBLM will open more services, airmen more range to travel

JBLM will relax a few more Covid mitigation measures starting next week, however despite information released Monday from the DoD greenlighting Washington State for travel, there is no final confirmation that PCS season will start here July 1, said Lt. Gen. Randy George, commander of I Corps and Joint Base

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