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Altercation Punk Comedy Tour

Underground stand-up meets get-in-the-van ethos of Black Flag

JT Habersaat and his Altercation Punk Comedy Tour have been getting in the van and zig-zagging across the nation since 2008

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JT Habersaat is punk rock. And he's funny as hell.

No stranger to Comedy Central, Brian Posehn and Black Flag's Henry Rollins, Habersaat is deep in the comedy scene. Currently on tour, Habersaat and his motley crew of comedians are bringing their comedy to Le Voyeur in Olympia Friday, Sept 20.

Appearing with Habersaat is Kristine Levine from Portlandia as well as Andy Andrist and Eric Hurst.

"I would say we all approach comedy with a certain dark sense of humor and a ‘no holds barred' attitude that lends itself perfectly to a ‘punk' comedy tour," Habersaat said.

Why bring the tour to Olympia?

"We've never had the opportunity routing-wise to hit Olympia," he explained. "I've always heard great things about the artistic nature of the city, and it has long been on my ‘need to get there' list ... Le Voyeur looked like a good fit attitude-wise and it worked with the routing, so we are very excited to finally get there. I'm curious about the scene and dig playing new cities."

Even though it's a new stop, there is an old connection between Habersaat and Oly.

"I've followed K Records and Beat Happening, et cetera for a long time," he said. "They used to advertise in my punk magazine Altercation, and I've always admired their DIY approach to running a label."

Back in Austin, Texas, where he dwells, Habersaat keeps busy as a journalist and comedy columnist, as well as immersing himself in the music scene.

"The punk scene in Austin is diverse and really, really great," he said. "I perform often with bands, and I think Austin is really unique in that the crossover among the various scenes is so strong and encouraging. It's not strange at all to have street punk bands perform with an art metal band, or a punk comedian for that matter."

One more note from Habersaat about his stop in Oly:

"We really hope Olympia decides to check us out. We are intentionally playing a smaller room at only $5 per head since we have never been to the city before, and just want to have people give it a shot and party with us. I promise we don't suck."

Check out Habersaat's new album, Hostile Corporate Takeover on Stand Up! Records.

ALTERCATION PUNK COMEDY TOUR, 10 p.m., Friday, Sept. 20, Le Voyeur, 404 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia, $5, 360.943.5710

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