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Just don’t drop out on Einmaleins. TV

Mathias Eichler and Brandon Rosage do their thing. Photo courtesy Einmaleins.TV

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Watch out, Olympia: Mathias Eichler and Brandon Rosage want to give you a kick in the butt.

Eichler, owner of Olympia home-design-retailer-turned-media-company Einmaleins, and Rosage are the duo behind Einmaleins.TV, Olympia's new Internet broadcast network.

The programming, including the talk show Einmaleins Live and an evolving lineup of on-location programs, highlight some of what makes Olympia a great place to be.

"I'm not a big fan of being general," Rosage says. "It's often talked about that downtown is great, the culture is great, Olympia is great, great, great.

"I think when you talk about it on a general level, it doesn't really mean anything. We're giving examples of how Olympia is great."

But what about that butt-kicking?

The moguls-in-the-making are hoping to inspire more greatness and maybe even (gasp!) a little healthy competition. After a recent episode of Live Life Loud, which featured Bonjour Cupcakes and the Bearded Lady, Eichler says they heard from people who had other ideas about who sells Olympia's best cupcake.

"The shows create this kind of stirring in the community," Eichler says. "In Olympia, it feels like everybody is half asleep: ‘It's good enough if we don't open today. We might open tomorrow. We'll see.'

"There's no excitement and no sense of urgency, and we can create that a little bit by highlighting something. Then people will say: ‘I should have been there. What do I have to do so I can be there?' "

Excitement effervesces out of Eichler, whether he is discussing his business plans or eating enormous amounts of desserts, as he did in the cupcake episode.

Eichler also exudes entrepreneurial spirit: No one, it's safe to say, has to kick him in the butt.

"What is Einmaleins?" Eichler asks in an episode of Einmaleins Live. "A lot of people think Einmaleins is a kitchen shop. I never wanted to be a kitchen shop; I wanted to be a lifestyle store. And the lifestyle is changing ... I want to do media so I'm morphing my business to fit with the times."

Accordingly, Eichler is phasing out most of the retail space and converting the storefront at 121 State Ave. NE, Olympia, into a media studio and co-working space for the freelance and work-from-home crowd. He produces and He's organized such events as Craft X NW and the summer picnic Table for Olympia.
As part of his media ventures, Eichler has been doing live talk-show-style broadcasts for the past year and a half.

And while Einmaleins Live will continue, Rosage's editing and production skills have led to Einmaleins.TV and to shows that highlight businesses, destinations, movers and shakers and tech firms.

"I'm going where I have never gone before," Eichler says. "I didn't dream all my life to become the next Anthony Bourdain, but this kind of storytelling works, and it works in this small community."

The programming is available first to those who pay a monthly subscription fee (there a couple of dozen subscribers right now) and then two weeks later is released to the public.

This, like Eichler's, is hyper-local media. And while the programming will include happenings and highlights from outside Thurston County, the viewpoint on Einmaleins.TV is most definitely downtown-centric.

"We don't have to go New York and San Francisco because that's where all the cool places are," Eichler says. "We can find cool places here and highlight them."

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