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  • Kate Nelson said:

    Great article, thank you! Just a note, the museum is only free on Third Thursdays from 5-8pm, not all day from 10am. Otherwise, interesting and...


  • jvonthemove said:

    Nice article - there are a few important additions! The Chihuly Walking Tour is a free tour through Tacoma's many Chihuly installations. Pick up a...

    in Top 7 places to see Chihuly in Tacoma

  • MaximusDEmentis . said:

    Fantastic novel. I am listening to the audiobook version and it is the first novel I want to immediately listen to again. I have been listening...

    in Marlon James speaks

  • Shirley Klinghoffer said:

    Alex, Thank you for your article on my CRT Revisited exhibition at he Museum of Glass. Please check out my Love Armor Project...


  • Lynn Di Nino said:

    I'll go see the work today. Alec's descriptions are compelling me to the gallery. Straightforward and descriptive. . . I like that. Also...


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